8 Mistakes You Might Be Making While Selecting Your Home Decor

Tips on Selecting Your Home Decor

Decorating a home is a process that keeps on going with the time and changing décor trends. From planning to selecting things and then organizing them on a right place, there are a lot of things involve curating a beautiful home. But experts say, most of the time we make some common mistakes while selecting home décor. What are these mistakes? Let’s have a look:

1. Budgeting

Buying new products or decorating your home in whole new theme needs is expensive deal. Anyone who wishes to change the décor must be ready to spend enough money over it. And, here most of us, do a common mistake that is not preparing a budget plan. For this, you must have a budget plan ready that how much you can spend. Without acknowledging your budget, you may end up spending extra on unnecessary things. That’s why taking note on how much everything will cost before going ahead is a good idea. Also, do not make rush to buy everything on the same time if your pocket don’t allows. It is better to purchase different items after some time to keep your finances in a flow.

2. Measurements

Not going with right measurements is another mistake people usually do. You may see a beautiful piece of furniture at showroom and tends to buy it without knowing whether it will fit to your room or not. Bigger furniture for small room doesn’t look nice. Same way if you buy a chair that is too small but your sofa is big enough as comparison, it isn’t looking good. Measurements are what to need consider at first while selecting your décor pieces. Not only for furniture but other things like rugs, wall décor should be measured properly. For example, if your living room is small, big rugs or carpets will look odd in it. So think about what to consider while choosing a living room rug. After all, measuring considerations your space will look perfect and attract your guests.

3. Painting before purchasing

Painting a home before purchasing any furniture is a common mistake that everybody does. We usually think to paint first and then purchase everything as per the theme. However, design experts say this is not a good idea as your preferences will become limited if you go with your paint theme. You may like a sofa set but it isn’t go with your theme, so you don’t prefer to buy it. It is better to purchase some furniture and home décor items at first and then select a paint theme. It is easier to pick a colour according to your décor preferences. But might hard to select a furniture matches to one particular colour. And, sometimes we end up buying an item that is least liked by us.

4. Over matching things

Coordinating different pieces will add cohesiveness but overmatching it will lead you to end up with an awful theme. This is another home décor mistake interior designer point out while renovating or decorating a house. Most of home owner think matching different pieces at one is trendy and good idea. However, this is not at all good if your pieces are not contrasting with each other. Moreover, too much matching can destroy the real idea of theme. It can make your rooms boring or may your theme look unexplained. So, contrast the right things and make it as simple as you can.

5. Elevation of furniture

Furniture elevation is another point where most of the people lack to decide the right space with right piece. Furniture with different heights, measurements and sizes must be beautifully designed at different locations of a room. Even your art pieces, window treatments should also be elevated just slightly. It creates a harmony in your room. Art pieces of same sizes on same walls will look boring and dull. But if you spread them on different walls or arrange them on different heights they act like beautiful art theme. Same way all furniture at one particular space doesn’t look nice at all. Keep your sofa set against main wall and also arrange some seating near to window for reading books or watching cityscape. You can also add different cosy chairs near to fireplace or add corner tables with vases.

6. Following all new trends

Most of the home owners like to follow the latest trends in market which is somehow a good thing. But following too much new trend ideas isn’t always good as they become old with time. If you choose all your home décor items in latest designs they may become out of trend after sometime and your home looks no more attractive. Better to choose timeless décor items as trends constantly change and become out-dated.

7. Too many items

Filling your rooms with overloaded items isn’t a good idea. It only creates rush into room. But some of the home owners like to fill their room with too many objects. Your room décor accessories should be balanced and well-decorated. A balanced accessory in a room helps to bring its personality but on the other hand too many things in a single room create disturbance. For example, if your room occupied with over-loaded furniture, it affects the traffic flow and individual’s movements in the room.

8. Turning living spaces into showroom

We all start buying our room décor accessories from showrooms as they are best place to get some inspiring ideas. However, some of us, start turning their living spaces into such showrooms by filling too different types of decoration accessories. It’s not a good idea at all. Avoid this mistake and only pick some stylish accessories that best suit to room. Try to make your living simple yet stylish. Adding extra accessory just to create luxury isn’t a solution. It makes your room look over-styled and thus not liked by everyone. Also, you end up spending enough money on just one room pieces. So, better do not let your money drain and keep your living room smart looking with less décor.

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