Prepare Your Home for a Spring Sale

Tips on how to prepare home for a Spring sale
It’s time to sell your home. You’ve done the research and you’ve determined that selling your home is the best idea for your finances and for your life. You’ve talked to your realtor and you know what you have to get done.

It doesn’t matter the reason — maybe you’re downsizing into a one-bedroom Minneapolis apartment or you’ve found an awesome rent to own deal nearby in a favorite neighborhood — you still must have your house ready for the spring selling season.

A recent report from the Huffington Post found that homes listed in spring sell an average of 18 days faster, and often even for higher prices. So, you need to take advantage of this opportunity and get your place on the market. And here are few ways you can do that.

Think Like A Buyer

Your buyer isn’t looking to do a ton of maintenance as soon as they move into the house … well, at least most people aren’t. So, do it for them. Go through the normal maintenance routines, like cleaning the HVAC filters, checking out the quality of the chimney, have a pro inspector walk through the place, and clean out the old gutters.

Make your place move-in ready and you’ll attract a ton of attention from buyers in the area. Transition your home from winter to spring and show them how beautiful it could be.

Spruce Up That Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is important. What does the buyer see when he or she arrives at your house? Does it look inviting, clean and ready to be lived in? Or has your curb appeal really fallen off? When selling your home in spring, it is critical that your yard and landscaping are in prime condition. Buyers formulate a lasting first impression of houses within the first 60 seconds. That amount of time does not even give them a chance to enter your home, so make your first impression count.

Landscaping can be a great place to start. Think about the exterior of your home as much as you think about the inside. Create a welcoming environment and get those buyers in the door.

Paint Your Front Door

Buyers notice the front door before anything else. Is your door a dull color? Is the paint chipped and falling off? If so, head on over to your local Home Depot and find a nice color of paint for your door. Get something inviting and vibrant and start slathering on a fresh coat of paint. You’d be surprised at how important a bright color of paint on your front door can be. Put in the work now so that when your buyer arrives, a great first impression is made.

A Little Boost From Plants and Flowers

Blooming plants, new floral arrangements, a crisp and clean garden — touches of flower and greenery can go a long way in making your home look like it’s in pristine condition. And if your neighbor’s yard is in bad shape, this can elevate your home in huge, huge way. It might be a bit early to start planting in your area, depending on the current climate, but add a few touches of greenery on your porch or in potted plans on the day of your open house.

Tips for Selling a Beach House

how to sell a beach house

There’s nothing like a beach home; the escape from life, solitude and the relaxation is not comparable. But, this means extra upkeep and extra mortgage, it is no wonder that many people are considering shedding a no-longer-needed beach house. Besides, all good things comes to an end one way or the other, right? However, selling your beach house may be the hardest thing you will ever do; it’s not like selling your typical house. If you are not careful, you may end up regretting your selling decision. So, below are few simple but critical tips for selling a beach house.

Know the best time to sell

Undoubtedly, you can sell your home any time of the year — especially if the price is right — however, when it comes to a beach house, there is a window of time during the year when buyers are considering investing in a second-home getaway. Best time to sell depends on the market, but generally, people are looking for a perfect beach house between late winter and early spring.

For example, people are selling a beach house in Charleston with local realtors, FSBO and pocket listings. This is more common than you might think around the country, too.

Though, in the depth of winter, buyers will rarely focus on a second home; no one will want to walk on a cold gray beach to view a possible summer house. But between late winter and early spring, people are considering a summer vacation, and this could be the ideal time to list your beach house.

Choose the Right agent

Not every real estate agent will have the experience needed to sell a waterfront property. Make sure you choose a real estate professional who is familiar with the peculiarities that are involved in beach houses. Unlike selling your primary residence, selling a beach house is much like selling stock; the proceeds from the sale are considered capital gain, therefore, you will have to pay capital gain tax. The real estate professional you choose must be familiar with such issues and other market elements of beach houses.

Stage your beach house

Staging a house is the most important part of selling. Staging a typical house is not a big deal, but when it comes to a beach house, you will have to market it specifically for vacation buyers. Of course, you will need to de-clutter the house, organize it, depersonalize it, clean it and arrange it accordingly, but more importantly, you will need to beautify the shoreline.

Set the right Price

In addition to listing your beach house at the right time, pricing the house competitively from the beginning is important. If the price is too high, customer may not be interest in it, and if it is too low, you may end up losing potential customers or money. If you initially set a high price, then you reconsider reducing it, customers may assume that the house value has declined, and you end up losing potential customers. A real estate professional can help you set the right price, but there are also tonnes of systems and calculation that when combined, can give you a good idea on the right price of your property.


Selling a beach house can be hard, but if you take your time to prepare, you can increase your odds of selling it quickly and for the right time. More importantly, know the right time to sell and work with a real estate professional who specializes with beachfront houses.

Invest in Real Estate Like a Professional

Newcastle is becoming a major destination for property investment, as it is well suited for both small and large scale investors. Newcastle real estate is the buzzword for people interested in investing in properties. The city offers a vast range of properties and the demand for property is growing day by day owing to the boom in the rental market. Here many initiatives like Newcastle science central, one core strategy and urban core plan have been put into action in order to bring new business and further investment. Due to all these initiatives Newcastle and Gateshead are becoming an attractive place to live in.
best real estate newcastle
As cultural and business regeneration is going on, the population is also growing and the city is becoming the ideal for the investment. The best way to generate wealth is by making investment in property.
Professional perspective is required in property investment

If you take your property investment as a business you will make less errors. The decision can be of any type – to decide the right area to buy property and to choose appropriate tenant for you property. A professional real estate investor takes every decision very carefully and consciously and is able to get success.

Make Investment by deciding the Right area

newcastle real estate
Invest in the property according to its future market value. So you should do a little homework and ask yourself few questions – Is the area where I am investing in demand for rental properties, does this location fit in well for local real estate market. So that in future if you plan to sell your asset you will be able to make a good profit.

Choose an appropriate tenant

The selection of a right tenant is necessary as many tenants are careless and they might damage the property and leave without informing you without paying rent and the damages they have done to the property. Thus before choosing a tenant make sure the tenant is decent and will takes care of your property as if he owns it himself.

Regular maintenance and repair

The most important thing for a property investor is that he should know when the maintenance is required on the property that he or she has purchased so that ample arrangements can be made in advance to keep the property in a better shape for the long run. The issue of maintenance and repair should be resolved as soon as possible until it becomes a serious problem. By doing this you will be able to protect your property and need not face any problem at the time of selling the property.

Time to sell the property

After you have enjoyed years of the rental income it is finally time when you want to sell your property. The reason for selling the property can be any – you reach at the stage where the maintenance charge become higher to keep it or you want to reinvest on another property . So it may be good decision to sell your real estate investment. However you need to calculate the amount you have got from rental income and the money you are getting while selling the property. In case the real estate market is not looking bright at that time hold on to the property for some more time till you get a better deal.

Take professional guidance

While buying or selling property you also need to take guidance from professionals. Professionals help you in deciding property that suits your needs. In case you are looking for rental income you need to purchase property that has a friendly neighborhood or a lot of commercial activities going around well. You can even save your time and money during the process as a real estate investing professional knows the market well and can give you proper advice from where you can make profit while investing.

Author Bio: – Austin is a real estate agent and he has helped several people find their dream home in past 15 years in Australia. He loves to spend his free time with his family and one dog Johnny. Austin loves to write about real estate and works for a real estate agency in Newcastle.