5 Things to Keep in Mind before investing in Bangkok

Bangkok real estate investment
Investing in the overseas real estate market is an exciting prospect for million of investors all over the globe. Apart from seeing it as the perfect way to enjoy vacations in your home at a foreign destination, the long term monetary benefits associated with these is the main driving reason behind it. In this post, we are going to discuss about a city named Bangkok which attracts millions of tourists from all over the World.

Along with being the center of attraction among tourists, it also gives an amazing opportunity to the investors to invest in its real estate market. So, if you are one of those who is looking to invest in Bangkok in the coming years, then this post will act as a guide for you. Over here, I am going to mention 5 things or points that you need to keep in mind before investing in the city.

1. Look To Invest With Established Developers

Just as all over the World, branded things will definitely come at a higher price and Bangkok is no different. In the city you can broadly find two types of construction developers, once are the novice ones and the others are the established ones. It is always advisable to invest in those properties that are constructed by the established one. These will spend more time in planning the design, functionality and the layout before going about with the construction project. The condominiums constructed by these developers are of a good quality and make use of the best construction materials.

2. Easy To Commute Transportation Services

Even if you are not going to settle down in the city buying a property that has a close proximity to the transportation services is always favorable. Those buildings that are relatively nearer to the city’s Mass Transit System will definitely be popular among the people who are looking to own a condo on rent. Therefore it becomes necessary to select a building while keeping this parameter in mind. In order to keep the property appreciable in the long run, it is important that you take care of this aspect.

3. Lay Emphasis On The Location Of The Property

In order to yield a good rental value and capital growth from your property, it becomes vital that you do a proper research before finalizing the deal on something. As people of every age group live in Bangkok it is important that you do a research on who your target audience is. If you want to give your property on rent to a family then choosing a quite area and a park nearby should be your choice. Similarly, a young professional would be looking for a location that has good transportation facilities and is in the middle of the city.

4. Analyze Your Finances

This is the foremost requirement that should be done from your end before jumping into the investment process. Apart from the cost of the property, there are a number of miscellaneous costs that are associated with buying a property in Bangkok. Therefore, you need to calculate as to what type of property will comfortably fit in your budget. If you believe that the cost of the property will be recovered from the rent that you get from the tenant then it is a wrong approach. You can never be sure that the property you own will always yield a rent for you. There will be times when you may find no tenant for it. Thus, you must only invest when you are able to bear any of the unforeseen situations.

5. Always Be Updated

A sign of a good investor is that he always keeps himself updated with all the latest that is happening in the market that he is going to invest in. If you are going to invest in Bangkok for the first time then you must give yourself sufficient time before making the final move. Each and every market trend should be closely followed by you so that at the time when you invest, you will be able to reap the maximum profits out of it. One right decision can prove to be beneficial for the rest of your life whereas a wrong one can incur huge losses for you.

In The End

Investing in a foreign land will always seem risky, however, if you follow the right strategy and process the chances of you making a wrong decision will be minimal. Bangkok as an investment city has a lot to offer, thanks to the constant rise in the city’s real estate market. A number of expatriates are already reaping huge benefits by investing in the city. This trend is not going to slow down anytime soon as more and more investment opportunities are going to come forward in the coming years.

Author Bio: David Lane was born and raised in Thailand. He is working as a Realtor for Thailand-property. Which provides long term or short term Thai property to clients . David is praised most often by clients for his enthusiasm, patient approach and unwavering loyalty. Apart from this , David loves to do fly fishing, sporting clays and play golf.

Best Place to Buy Real Estate in Asia

There are many beautiful, happy, high quality of life, low taxing, and low transaction cost places to invest in real estate throughout Asia.

Experiencing Asian culture is truly like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, but if you’re met people that have immigrated to your home country from any of these beautiful places, then we’re sure you’ll know what we’re talking about in just cultural attitude and personality alone.

Let’s review the Top 5 Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Asia together, and you’ll see for yourself how much more extravagant your lifestyle could be – or the complete opposite should you wish, and just that much more of a “simple” and affordable life. You see, there’s something for everyone throughout the vast countries across Asia, from more peaceful island life, to inner city if you enjoy the company of interacting with people every day and networking.

Of course, there is also desirable rural living and places you MUST see for yourself and consider the benefits of investing in property in such places – so let’s get started!

Best property investment Asia

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand – If you’re looking for a beautiful city, with not too many people, and a slower paced life as opposed to somewhere like Pattaya or Bangkok, then Chiang Mai, Thailand is an excellent place to live. It is a very modern city, with plenty of malls and things to do, yet has a much lower cost of living and still will produce high annual yields on properties that are incredibly low priced.

2. Subic, Philippines – For anyone that’ll enjoy the “island lifestyle” Subic, Philippines is a major tourist attraction, and full of both visitors, as well as a sizable expat community, so you won’t ever feel lonely or “lost.” Best of all, the Philippines is not a place where speaking English will be a problem – but learning a little Tagalog wouldn’t hurt.

Prices are very cheap here for property, land, homes, and apartments. Just keep in mind, certain residency requirements must first be met before purchasing any assets in your name.

3. Singapore – Although a major metropolitan lifestyle unless you are able to find one of few more “rural” homes, Singapore is still an excellent place to invest in real estate, whether you’re looking to live there yourself or rent out space. Singapore is considered to have a ‘mature market’, and has recently experienced a favorable “financial storm,” making it a top choice among other competing Asian countries for investing in real estate.

4. Shanghai, China – Now, we know what you’re thinking: “This place is way too crowded and expensive for my taste!” But, this is where you would be wrong. In fact, China has a huge, growing real estate market and Shanghai continues to experience tremendous growth, and likewise the need for more property renters, as well as tenants alike – so there’s something for everyone here! Making this a top pick among expat investors, we would consider this a “Tier 1” choice!

5. Cambodia – Finally, consider investing in real estate in Cambodia, where the population projections expect up to more than 20 million people before 2030! With a young workforce and growing frontier market, this is an excellent place to invest in real estate, buying, or renting a home.

Cambodia is undoubtedly experiencing exponentially positive market growth since the 1990’s recession and is becoming an economy that’s also less dependent on other nations. Because Cambodia doesn’t jump into all the “global market” hustle and bustle, much like positive growth, if and when there is a market crash across major corporations, Cambodia is the kind of place least likely to be impacted – making this a MUST for foreign real estate investors!