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Finding that perfect spot, where you come back and unwind after a hard day at work can be a difficult job, especially if you’re not the type of person that can be easily pleased, by any random location.

You have to look through various listings, see if they fit your budget and eventually go check out the place by yourself, just to be sure that everything is ok.

All these things take a lot of time and nerves and we strongly believe that you want to avoid being put in such a situation. In this case, we’re pretty sure that you’re wondering if there is not an easier solution, like doing it online. Well, you said the magic word: “online”.

After doing a bit of research, we’ve come across a few of the best sites and apps (yes, there are dedicated apps for this!) which you can use to find your dream apartment sooner than expected.

Most of these services are free, as the only difference between them is made by their integrated features, like filters, so you can sort out apartments, and many others. But no more chatting and let’s see what we have for you guys!

Apartment List

Available for both Android and iOS, this app can be considered the starting point for any apartment hunter. It presents a huge number of potentially suitable places meeting your criteria.

Also, one of its biggest pluses is the ability to set how much you want to spend, where exactly you would like to live, as well as your commuting route. After providing all this information, just give it a few moments and it will present you all the places matching your criteria.

By far, one of the best places for finding apartments right now!

Ok, time to switch to a website this time, but one that also has its own app, doing exactly the same thing. We’re talking about Realtor Rentals, which allows users to browse by map or photo view, not to mention that it provides specific driving instructions, so you can check all the apartments you want in person, without an agent.

Within the app, you will find options for setting alerts for all the apartments meeting your criteria, just as they come on the market. Basically, with one simple tap, you can get in contact with the leasing agent or even the owner and start your conversation.

Apartment Guide

Moving on, we have another entry on our list with the best sites and apps to find apartments, called – you’ll never guess this – Apartment Guide, available for iOS and Android.

The app provides HD photos, as well as floor plans, so you can check out any potential location even in the tiniest details. Also, the app, no matter on which platform you’re using it, allows you to actually save listings and share them with your friends. No, not on social media, to brag about your future apartment, but to ask for a second impression.

Bonus points for the interface, which makes it really easy to navigate through.

One of the most popular rentals websites makes it to our top as well. offers two methods of checking out properties, through browser or app, which is, by the way, available for Android and iOS.

What we like the most about this option is that you can find all the available times for visiting and, if you come across something you like, book a tour, so you can check out all the details. Additionally, you can check out reviews left by previous residents and narrow down your search according to these.

In the past, it was proven that reviews left by people who actually lived in those apartments had a high impact on the final decision.


If you’re looking for listings from major cities, then this is the app to try. However, it’s not limited to these locations!

Something we really like about it is the fact that, besides any other relevant details about a listing, it includes neighborhood details, like nearby schools and the walk score of the area. These are great to help you get an overall feel of the area around the apartment you’re considering buying or renting.

Finally, let’s not forget about the designated hot listings, which are actually the ones attracting the most interest from the app’s users. We bet that you will find something you like here!

Zillow Rentals

With more than 400,000 available spaces, Zillow Rentals is definitely one of the best sites to find apartments. However, the big number of properties you can choose from is not everything!

The website (or app) offers you the ability to personalize a search using filters such as pet policy, in-unit laundry or even on-site parking. Once you’re done, just save the searches that interest you the most, if you’re not yet decided, so you can check them out whenever you want.

If you’re not convinced on whether you should rent or buy, you can also check out all the homes available for sale in the Zillow network. Because guess what? There are also a lot which you can purchase!


Last but not least, we also have Abodo. Abodo provides a visually streamlined way to search for rentals, using basic requirements, like the rent price, the total number of bedrooms, but also gives you the ability to select non-negotiables, like air-conditioning or pet-friendliness. If you want to check out the details for selected listings, it’s actually very easy, as they open up over the search results, so you can sort them considering the relevancy, price, recency, or even popularity.

Search tip: In map view, listing icons turn grey after you’ve clicked on them, so you won’t end up checking the same listing multiple times.

And we’re done! Hopefully, our selection of the best sites and apps to find apartments will help you come across the perfect spot for you! Obviously, if you know any similar variants, do let us know about them, using the comments section below!

Why You Should Become a Non Habitual Resident in Portugal

Become a Non Habitual Resident in Portugal

Becoming a non-habitual resident of Portugal is in your best interest and one of the best kept secrets among the European elite. For the modern investor, Portugal provides a number of unique and promising opportunities. With a long standing reputation for historically steeped culture, wine production, one of the world’s top seafood industries, and ideal weather, Portugal sees millions of tourists arrive on it’s shores each year. Maybe you’ve even been one yourself, if so now is the time to exchange your tourist status for an entirely different title: Non habitual resident. If Portugal has you coming back year after year to enjoy all the things this beautiful country has to offer, or if you’ve never been and are looking broadly at possible investment opportunity, Portugal houses a tax regime and quality of living that appeals to anyone. Let me just break it down for you.


The nation offers a special tax regime for the non-habitual resident in Portugal. It has a flat income tax of 20% on most self- employment sourced incomes and Portuguese sourced income, as well as free remittance of funds, meaning inheritance, gift, and wealth taxes don’t exist. Furthermore, an exemption for almost all foreign sourced income is available to non-habitual residents. Beneficial treatment for pensions and other life-insurances can also reduce the tax burden on invested capital income (like rental property or capital gains). Portugal has also signed in a number of double tax treaties with multiple countries as well as investment protection agreements and tax information exchange agreements, allowing for your business to work well beyond the borders of this beautiful country without being financially penalized. If your business concerns the arts, science, or is technical in nature, you may also be privileged to further beneficial tax regimes or not subject to income tax at all.

Residency, citizenship, and non-habitual residence

Portugal also offers a residence process that is easy to navigate with a possibility to apply for nationality (and consequently that longed for EU passport). Non habitual residents in Portugal are eligible to enjoy 10 years of zero or low income tax rates. Becoming a non-habitual resident in Portugal is extremely easy and the bureaucratic process is streamlined for existing EU-citizens. To apply:

  1.  Get a resident permit if you are an EU citizen, or an EEA or Swiss National, or obtain a “Golden Visa”.
  2. Obtain a taxpayer ID number as a non-resident, by applying at the local tax office. Both actions generally take less than a few hours each to accomplish, largely thanks to the smooth and straightforward tax system that Portugal operates under.

To obtain residency, follow these simple steps, but include your Portuguese residential address when filling out the required forms.

The Golden Visa

The Portugal Golden Visa is a program that was instituted by the government to attract investment into the country itself. Holders of a Golden Visa can be from virtually any nationality providing that the prospective non habitual resident in Portugal invest in properties worth at least 500,000 euros, create a minimum of ten jobs, purchase property built over 30 years ago with the intent to restore, or a 250,000 euro minimum investment in artistic, scientific, touristic or technological production. This tax and residency scheme has been associated with investments of over 1.8 billion euros from 3000+ persons. Showing that the legal, whitelisted, tax regimes and the investment opportunities are a win/win for both investors and the nation itself. More over, properties in Portugal. With tourism being an up and coming prospect in Portugal, a small initial investment can see large profit margins expected within a short timeframe.

Cost and Comfort of living

Alongside of promising investment opportunities coupled with low to zero tax obligations, Portugal also provides a comfortable place to hang your hat. Most residents of Portugal are multilingual, with 27% of the population speaking fluent English, closely followed by 24% fluent in French. Prices of goods and services are found to be a staggering 33% lower than those of the United Kingdom and a mean 24% lower than the US. Rental and property price differences boast an encouraging 38% decrease from UK prices and are 45% lower than the US. As an added bonus, UK natives can enjoy an 85% increase in local purchasing power, ensuring that your pound goes farther. Portugal offers healthcare coverage to individuals at any point in the residency process, easily obtainable through any of the three coexisting systems. Their standard for healthcare is incredibly high and they were ranked 14th in the 2016 Euro Health Consumer Index, showing a steady climb in price-quality and overall quality since 2012. Portugal is also home to some of the world’s best beaches, without the disadvantages of overcrowding, allowing yourself and prospective clients an unobstructed view of the gorgeous landscape. Not only that, but with their abundance of maritime ports and unfettered access to shipping routes, Portugal also provides an excellent source of cost effective international shipping methods, not to mention an almost constant influx of international tourists arriving on a multitude of high-end cruise lines.


Non habitual residents in Portugal
Tourists, both local and international, flock to religious sites, historic landmarks, cities, and beaches in Portugal by the millions each year. With overnight stays increasing by 21% in the last year alone. Lisbon has been in close competition with Barcelona for the leading European city to stay in for sometime, but there has been an overall increase in tourism throughout the country in the last year that has made potential investors take notice. In the World Travel Awards of 2015, Portugal received 77 nominations and took home 14 titles. Top Travel Guides, like Lonely Planet, have designated Portugal as one of the top 3 countries to visit in 2018, giving added confidence to investment prospectives. Portugal takes the cake, or the wheel, in the wine and cheese game as well, with a booming and solid wine industry of which the notable quality dates back to the 12th century.

With the transparent structure of low to zero cost tax regimes alongside the simple and speedy processes regarding residency, Portugal offers investors, pensioners, and prospective expats a quick and affordable transition into the future. Impressive healthcare, business opportunity, and cost of living all make Portugal a comfortable place for relocation, but the real beauty of it is found outside of the fiscal plane, and in the landscape, culture, food, wine and weather. Think of Portugal as a sound life venture, not just a sound financial investment.

Top 4 Real Estate Companies in Germany

Best Real Estate Companies in Germany

With the evolving times, there has been an increasing need and interest in the sector of real estate as it has become one of the safest and fastest growing sector all over the world. However, when investing into a real estate, it becomes really very important to get the services of one of the best real estate company. Although, getting the right real estate company at your side could often be challenging task as every individual requires different sets of skills to handle their investment into a real estate. Moreover, even if it is not in regards to investing into a company, a simple purchase of a house or getting one on a rent could be affected a lot with the right real estate at your side. In order to make things easy for you here we have listed some of the top and most trusted real estate companies in the whole of Germany.

Berlin Office Rentals – Berlin office rentals may prove to be the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a real estate company that would get you the best deals when it comes to the office spaces purchasing or renting. If you are thinking to initiate a new office or move to one in Berlin, Germany then this company would be the response to all your questions. Get the best deals and save your capital investment!

All Grund – If you are looking for a company that has a widespread grasp all over Germany then All Grund is the best choice for you. It has its processes and network spread all over Germany and could easily get various real estate related things done easily. Various services that it continues to offer include rentals and even repositioning. You won’t be disappointed if you take on All Grund in for the job as they will make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Noor Immobilien AG – Noor Immobilien AG stands as one of the most trusted companies with a huge network in Germany. If you are looking for a residential space whether for purchase or rental, Noor Immobilien AG can easily get things done for you and as quickly as possible. Noor Immobilien AG, specifically understands each of its customers and carefully make an analysis of their requirements to get them the best residential space they ever wanted.

Metro Group – Well, when it is Metro Group at your back to take care of your residential space needs, everything is always covered and running smoothly. They do not just do the basic jobs of finding a space and getting you to accept it. They take on as if it is a project and get you the best deal always! One could always trust the Metro Group as they will be willing to take care of everything on your behalf.

There are many other companies in Germany which continue to offer amazing services but the top four listed above would always get you going in any real estate related technicality that you may face.