Europe’s Top 10 Places to Invest in Property

Whether you have a pension or simply have saved up money and are looking to invest in a property somewhere in Europe, now is an excellent time to do so!

Europe has many beautiful countries and places to choose from, from a year-round beach or “island life,” to retiring somewhere in the mountains with a pleasant ocean view, the choices are endless.

While sure, plenty of people like to go to places like Italy, to Portugal or even Croatia, there is something for everybody. In fact, many places are quite affordable, at an average of around $1000 US or less per square meter, often on beachfront properties.

Let’s review Europe’s Top 10 Places to Invest in Property, and you’ll see for yourself why so many are flocking year round to rent, own, or even build homes overseas.

Best place to buy property in Europe

1. Paris, France – Of course quite popular with Americans, those hailing from other places across the world, including the Middle East, Asia, and even Russia have found very happy, satisfying lifestyles in Paris. Visitors from America, China, Russia, and Australia also frequent this place, and in many ways, it is indeed a “tourist hotspot.” Investing in a property in Paris is practical, as rental costs are lower, and provides higher yields in comparison to other places.

Paris has recently been coined a “Global political powerhouse.” It should be understood that compared to other places in Europe, moderate-to-high transaction costs do exist – so this is something to keep in mind.

Algarve Portugal real estate

2. Algarve, Portugal – Another favorite among tourists for investing in property and year-round rentals is Algarve, Portugal. This city in Portugal alone is home to over 100,000 expats and remains popular for good reason. Living here will allow you to enjoy year-round sunshine, beautiful views of the Atlantic coastline, and endless miles of sandy beaches, lagoons, and wonderful people. Many foreigners refer to Algarve as their “little piece of paradise.”

Istria Croatia real estate

3. Istria, Croatia – Another popular favorite for foreign investors looking in Europe is Istria, as the original Roman architecture is brilliant – and also offers two different lifestyle options. You can either invest in property on the coast by the sea, or inland where you’ll find endless olive groves, vineyards, and other breathtaking sights like nowhere else.

4. Helsinki, Finland – The Finnish are known for having a clean environment, friendly people, low crime rates and an overall very content culture. Property investors will find that transaction costs here for acquiring property is considerable “low to moderate,” and in comparison to other top global listing to retire, this one has one of the strongest economies. The high rental income tax is something to consider, should you be interested in renting a home or condo, for example.

Regardless, we’re confident you’ll find even a visit to Finland first (as we always recommend) to be a life-changing experience in itself.

5. Prague, Czech Republic – Anyone that’s ever seen or met a Czech woman before – or man – knows how truly beautiful, and elegant of people they are both inside and out. Prague is an extraordinary place to live, full of lively culture, and is considered a very “expat friendly” place to consider investing in a permanent home – even for those only looking to invest in a vacation home, or to sublet.

Prague is an excellent choice and is considered to be a “pro-landlord” rental market. The transaction costs here are also cheap, with Moderate overall yields. Keep in mind. However, “Aliens” or immigrants cannot buy land directly here, but there are plenty of rental options and alternative methods for acquiring property.

6. Sophia, Bulgaria – Bulgaria is a fascinating place, with years’ worth of sight-seeing alone, and a very intriguing cultural scene. Expats frequently visit, as well as acquire property here regularly, and is also a “pro-landlord” rental market. The yields however while not great, and the transaction costs high, rental tax income is considered to be overall “moderate.”
Overall, the quality of life here is excellent, although there are places that have less crime in comparison to other locations on our list.

7. Beara, Peninsula – Feeling a little Irish? Given recent property market trends, outside of central cities, purchasing land or a home is reasonably doable in more of its countryside, and even beach-side locations. Even the locals describe the current housing market prices to be “rock bottom.”

Sandy beaches, mountain ranges for as long as you can see, and the Beara Peninsula albeit a relatively “remote” coastal location, is becoming more and more popular among American and other foreign property investors.

Extra Tip: Consider visiting, researching, and investing in property around Irelands Northwest Coastal region for the best deals.

8. Athens, Greece – What person doesn’t dream of purchasing their dream-home in a mesmerizing culture and location like Greece? The average cost of owning in Athens averages around $2,000 per square meter, but considering the admirable quality of life here, business opportunities, and setting it has been a trending location among foreign investors for years.

9. Apulia, Italy – Want to create your dream home in the heel of the “Italian boot?” This is an excellent way to enjoy the luxuries and beautiful culture, without paying ‘an arm and a leg’ for living somewhere more central in Italy’s capital.

Puglia Italy property

Expats are happy to be able to buy more than accommodating homes for less than $100,000 on average here. Living costs are also low, and the medieval streets and craftsman will give your family a pleasant life, making it also an excellent place to retire.

10. Brussels, Belgium – Brussels is a very bustling place, full of a lively environment, well-mannered people, and also a high rental demand for those interested in sub-letting or flipping properties. Unfortunately, some expats have rated the tenancy length limits are “tiresome,” and overall taxes are considerably moderate to high. But, for the beautiful culture you get here there isn’t quite any way to put a price-tag on that.

Remember, living your dream life abroad and purchasing or renting a home in Europe by no means has to cost you beyond your means. Quite the contrary, given the healthy economies in nearly all of the locations on this list, as well as the strength of the U.S. dollar you’re bound to find the perfect place for you and your family to settle down – or spend your next winter vacation.

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