The Best Retirement Communities in Central Florida

retirement community

Aside from its candid beaches, lavish golf courses and hyperactive nightlife, the next-closest thing Florida is known for is the theme parks. It’s naturally a great tourist and holiday destination for millions all around the country. The same goes for the three dozen or so retirement homes spread throughout Central Florida. Although South Florida gets the greater bulk of attention from these sources, Central Florida has slowly established itself as a paradise composed of active retirement communities.

With so many places to pick from, settling on a single community can be a bit daunting. At the end of the day, however, the best retirement communities are recognized as the most affordable, while still offering a good host of services, including medical care and recreation. Here are five communities that manage to balance out some of our favorite factors properly.

Four Seasons at Orlando

Located within the Disney World Resort, Four Seasons is a perfectly-placed retirement community for people looking to live an active yet luxurious retirement life. It is located in Kissimmee, Florida and sits upon a 600-acre plot of land sprawled with golf courses, a 14,000-square-foot clubhouse, a pool, fitness center, cafe and much more. There are dozens of ways to stay active outdoors, with much of the space occupied by walking trails and the odd pickleball court every other foot.

This retirement community places itself as the home of resort-style living year-round. Residents also get to enjoy the confidence of easy access to major shopping areas, theme parks, grocery stores, healthcare facilities and all the entertainment Orlando has to offer.

Lakewood Ranch

Lakewood Ranch is a massive 17,500-acre retirement home located in Sarasota, Florida, making it one of the largest in the country. It is also one of the few certified ‘green’ communities in the country, with every home built from the ground-up with efficiency and sustainability in mind.

What makes Lakewood stand out, aside from its impressive size, which has necessitated two equally large clubhouses to accommodate residents, is the sheer number and quality of amenities. These include a gun range, a 10,000-square-foot fitness centre, an olympics-certified pool and personal trainers for workouts. The other end of the massive ranch also features a water polo club, 3,500 acres of lakes and parks, and about 200 miles worth of trails and sidewalks.

To top it all off, the Lakewood Ranch Medical centre is a full-service inpatient and outpatient clinic that can hold as many as 120 patients. The Lakewood Ranch Women’s Centre features a similar set of features but specialized in women.

On Top of the World

Located in Ocala, Florida, On Top of the World is a community that encourages residents to spend more time outdoors than inside by its very design. This is thanks to the three golf courses, 14-acre RC flying space, basketball courts, a karting track, a fitness center, spa and much more. In all, it features nearly 200 hobbies and clubs to join.

With an approximate 10,000 homes once complete, this community seeks to ensure that every resident is catered to. Its vastness means the social life encouraged by the arrangement may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely a worthy investment otherwise.

Stanton Estates

Stanton Estates is a much smaller community than previously-featured ones, with just 45 homes. What it does best, however, is offer exceptionally-designed houses with craftsmanship reminiscent of the Victorian area. 8-foot doors are featured on every home with kitchens designed by the best Jones Homes has to offer. This is combined with proximity to the famed Farmers’ Market and West Orange Trail.

The community was designed to be more secluded, with its relatively small community, but residents get to enjoy the full vibrance the downtown area has to offer, so it all balances out nicely.


Fronterra is a renowned retirement community located just five minutes from downtown Naples. This gives the community access to convenient shopping areas, golf courses and some of the most exotic beaches in Florida. By location and design, it is best suited for retirees looking for luxury and a great deal of privacy.

The whole property is rife with recreational activities waiting to be enjoyed, including a swimming pool, sundeck, ample green spaces, and, of course, miles of interweaving trails to enjoy all the splendid vegetation in.

The homes themselves are equipped with tons of features that many would otherwise consider upgrades, including granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and designer floor tiling.

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