What Education is Needed to Become an Interior Designer in the US

how to become an Interior designer in the US

Ok, so you’ve finally decided: you want to be an interior designer. Congrats, that’s a great career path! But we have something to tell you: it won’t be easy.

Interior design requires some serious studying and most qualified professionals usually have a bachelor’s degree. However, interior design studies are also available at associate, bachelor or master’s degree levels, not to mention a wide array of construction classes.

In order to obtain your bachelor’s diploma in interior design, as a student, you can consider pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (BA), a Bachelor of Science (BS), or Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA).

What’s very important to mention is that multiple bachelor’s degree programs combining interior architecture with design, but also featuring hands-on learning opportunities or internships.

During your studies, you will also discuss topics like history of interior design and furniture, color theory – which is very important, as a matter of fact -, or environmental controls.

As for the master’s degrees, you should know that, in most cases, these are not necessarily required for those who want to make a career out of this. Still, there are several Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Fine Arts (MFA) programs that you can join and acquire advance skills and knowledge.

To wrap it up, anybody who wants to become an interior designer should be prepared to learn a lot during the 4 years of a bachelor’s degree, as well as two more, if they decide to follow a master’s program as well.


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